Main Cast:


Jeff is an incredibly handsome software developer and easily my favorite character in the strip. Does this opinion have anything to do with us sharing the same name, appearance, opinions, conversations, and adventures? Absolutely not—that would be biased of me. He is simply the best comic character of all time.

• First Appearance: The Dev Dilemma

Mr. Battles

As an action figure, Mr. Battles doesn’t get out much. He spends nearly every waking moment staring at computer screens, and it’s starting to mess with his mind. If you ask me, this might explain why he’s now seeing a talking human at his desk.

• First Appearance: Beardstalk


Janet is a competent, intelligent, and capable member of management. She knows how to write code, but instead keeps others in line. What a waste of a perfectly good skillset.

• First Appearance: The Dev Dilemma


A software developer, tinkerer, and schemer. Ricky long ago decided that he would much rather work on personal projects than lift a finger to help out at the office. This was the correct decision.

• First Appearance: It's Like Reading In A Car


Chet is the biggest boss I’ve acknowledged so far. Is he a manager? Owner of the company? If you're wondering this, you've put waaaay more thought into his character than I have.

• First Appearance: The Dev Dilemma


Gwen is sometimes there, too.

• First Appearance: Daily Meetings

Other Recurring Characters:

Government Guy

(name subject to change)
• First Appearance: It Sure Feels Good To Be Safe

Unfinished Hardware Project

• First Appearance: Productivity Through Procrastination

Jeff's Parents

• First Appearance: Parents


(name subject to change)
• First Appearance: Reminders