2015-09-25 - Every Mac Problem Ever

Every Mac Problem Ever

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September 25, 2015 - News Post

Happy Friday!

I'm finally back from Unite 2015, learning new levels of exhaustion as I get into the swing of things this morning.

Overall, it was well worth getting all tuckered out. I managed to learn a lot and make some new friends... Well, I followed around and talked some peoples ears off, at least.

It was also fantastic to see several old friends from across the country. This included Roman, my business partner from Chaotic Formula (we make games and stuff), and a few other people from my NYC days.

I finally had a chance to play around with oculus rift's crescent bay. It was a SIGNIFICANTLY nicer experience on the eyes (and ears) than my dk2. I saw several amazing demos and trailers at Unite, but more than anything I am looking forward to Cuphead and Vox Machinae.

As for comic news, a more complete design for this site should be out soon. I got a lot of work done while waiting at the airport. My goal is to get the functionality running (rss, database, etc), then worry about the design. I was tempted to wait until everything was ready, but I wanted to get a comic up and go from there.

I'm still messing around with some of the artwork. Don't be surprised if I swap out a drawing or two in these initial comics. I'm still trying to discover what works best.