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October 6, 2015 - News Post

I learned a new lesson about writing comics on Friday: read the news, THEN make a comic. I heard about Amazon mere minutes after posting the last comic on Friday. But I suppose that's what happens when you enter the high-stakes world of writing webcomics.

Indie Game Con was fun. I managed to shove a bunch of kids half my size out my the way so I would get to test out a bunch of games that are coming soon. Of particular note were Tower Titans from Codetronix and Wait Wait Don't Kill me from Dylan Bennett.

Also had a chance to sit in on a number of decent speeches. The highlights being Pete Moss from Unity discussing VR Best practices and Toby Fee, who went over the pitfalls of not properly iterating a project. All of the videos of the speeches can be found through the Indie Game Con website.

That part was pretty great, but the highlight of my weekend was hands-down meeting gCrusher and Jean Luc Pikachu (and their friends and spouses). Once upon a time, I was half of the creative team that had done some other online comics. It has been well over a decade since the last of these were published, yet some people apparently still remember them. JLP and gCrusher were kind enough to track me down this weekend. Although I considered a restraining order, going out for food turned out to be the better option. These guys were great company and I regret not meeting them in person many many years sooner. If either of you bother to read this, thanks! I had fun.

More comic goodness on Friday.