2015-10-09 - Lock Screen

Lock Screen

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October 9, 2015 - News Post

Friday greets!

I was quite proud of myself for finishing this comic a whole two days early. But I went ahead and redid it at the last second anyway. You can check out the original version here, but I'm much happier with the one you see above.

Microsoft's event on Tuesday was surprisingly great. I'm extremely impressed with what they've been up to in recent years. Like dozens of others, I rushed to sign up for a live HoloLens demo but found every slot filled by the time I logged in. As a result, I was forced to decide that the HoloLens was stupid and not for me. That's a reasonable assumption, right?

Not much else to report. Old episodes of 30 Rock are calling me to watch them for the 17th time. See you soon.