2015-12-11 - Insurance Records Not Found

Insurance Records Not Found

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December 11, 2015 - News Post

Hey kiddos!

I've got two new comics for you to check out today. I ran across these while roaming the halls of twitter, and I'm not sure I can un-run-across them. Rather than try to do that (because it's stupid), I thought I'd pass the links along to you, my 3 readers. These comics are your problem now:

  • Cool Purgatory by Phlicky (aka Phil Flickinger). It's dark, it's weird, it has just the right number of references to "Man Buns"... the hairstyle, not what you're thinking. Go there!
  • King of Slackers by Tobias Svalas. A weekly comic loaded with cthulu, pop culture references, quotes, and global politics. Everything really. He's been at it for a decade, so it may take a while to make it through the archives, but I'm reasonably sure it'll be worth the effort.

Why are you still reading this? Go check out those comics, or hell, go to my other favorite.

'til Tuesday.