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January 5, 2016 - News Post

Tuesday Tuesday!

Thanks so much to Best Webcomics for listing Don't Hit Save as the comic of the day yesterday (since this year has 366 days, my odds of being one of the chosen few were slightly better than usual). If you like comics, which you do, you should set aside several weeks of your life to comb through their mountain of content and links.

Wondering how you'll find the time? Call in sick for work. If management questions you too much, simply tell them you quit. It's that easy! Just think of what you could do with that extra time. Why, you could help me out and rate my comic. Do it! You know you want to. Hell, rate me even if you didn't quit.

Oh hey, as long as you're clicking links, be sure to stop by RGBros. Wednesday marks two years since Josh Devenport started the comic. Two years for a webcomic is close to 14 human years, and despite the begging and pleading of his readers, he just won't quit.

Now that I have that out of the way, I have a quick question for everyone: should I be making comments about the day's comic in my news post?

For example: Today's comic was inspired by not by typos, but by the fact that I changed the last panel of Friday's comic after it was posted to social media. I decided to leave Facebook as-is, but to update my content on Twitter. In the end, I wasn't really satisfied with either punch line. They can't all be perfect, or even good, and it's not as though I was linked as "webcomic of the day" anywhere.

Was that worth reading? I don't want to bore people by saying "this was inspired by real life" over and over again, but I'll do it if there's demand. Let me know by filling out the contact form to the left.

All right, that's it for today. If I can think of a comic for Friday, you'll see me right back here.