2016-01-08 - 3D Scanning

3D Scanning

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January 8, 2016 - News Post

Happy Friday, internet!

As we're moving into 2016, I'm happy to report that my readership has gone from a handful of people to almost 2 handfuls. So to mom, dad, and my mysterious other reader, thanks for telling both of your friends!

And hey, as long as you're forcing others to read webcomics, you might as well send them over to Civil Servant Smith by Dan Sacharow. His continuing saga details the adventures of the worlds worst governor.

Like myself, Dan was an early webcomic creator. Like myself, he took a brief break of a decade or so before creating a new comic. Unlike myself, Dan has a decent amount of talent when it comes to art and storytelling. He's just getting started with this one, so it should only hurt your brain a little to read all his archives in one sitting.

Not much else to say. I'm planning to put some more time and effort into upgrading the DHS website this weekend. I should be able to fin-- Hahahahahaahahaha... just kidding. I'm going to be playing Crypt of the NecroDancer if I find myself in front of the computer. I probably won't touch this site for weeks. See ya Tuesday.