2016-01-22 - Pastimes


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January 22, 2016 - News Post

Happy birthday to Dr. Lobster comics. It's been gone for a long time, but 16 years ago yesterday, Michael Buonauro and myself started a visual diary of the insane discussions we had or wanted to have each day over lunch.

The comics were not always great-- they were almost never great, but Dr. Lobster had its moments. Sadly, a lot of them are severely dated and no longer relevant so many years later.

Michael and I would go on to create two other online comics together: Gamer Hotties and Wrench Farm, but those will never hold the same place in my heart as the crappy, lowbrow, mean spirited, mindless, low quality garbage known as Dr. Lobster.

Michael is no longer with us these days. But his work lives on thanks to the Michael Buonauro Foundation. They are currently in the process of creating a graphic novel based on his Marvelous Bob serials.

As for me, I've been doing a webcomic called Don't Hit Save. You should check it out some time.