2016-02-09 - So Many Hours

So Many Hours

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February 9, 2016 - News Post

Just a quick note to my employer, who occasionally reads this comic: The above comic is a work of fiction. Yes, I took 4 days to complete a supposedly minor task that I thought I could knock out in an hour, but that whole situation merely served as inspiration, nothing more

To everyone else, feel free to ignore the above disclaimer.

Things have been busy busy busy in Jefftopia. Over the weekend, I managed to make considerable progress on the responsive website, so expect some fancy (mediocre) changes soon. Don't get those hopes too high, though. "Considerable progress" = "2-3 hours worth of css work".

In the meantime, go read some Cool Purgatory, a cool comic that takes a look at what is cool and judges its coolness. Go there. Go there now.

Okay, see you Friday.