2016-02-26 - Xamarin, Brought To You By Microsoft

Xamarin, Brought To You By Microsoft

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February 26, 2016 - News Post

This week, I learned some valuable lessons about having too many concurrent users hitting the Don't Hit Save comic database. Apologies for any error messages people may have received. Apparently, the whole world is clamoring to read the latest jokes about DVDs.

This is my second comic about current events in two weeks. I've only done a few of these, but it's fun to watch my followers drop me on Twitter every time I do. Maybe the comics aren't that funny (few of these are), but I've noticed an especially negative or at least ambivalent reaction anything I comment on the latest tech news. With that being said, think of today's comic as an experiment. I want to see what happens.

I'll fill you in on the results. In the meantime, I have delicious soup and episodes of Rick and Morty calling my name.