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March 1, 2016 - News Post

First things first, I have a game that I just discovered over the weekend thanks to #screenshotsaturday.

It's called Escape Doodland: Invader Dash, and I freaking love the artwork on this. You play as a Doodler (doodled dude), trying desperately to outrun a giant monster. It's fast paced, with a nice variety of scenery and obstacles.

The game is the perfect blend of "whimsical" and "deeply disturbing", and it's a hell of a lot of (challenging) fun. They just launched their indiegogo campaign last night. There's a demo there and everything. Send some support their way.

In unrelated news, readers of my post on Friday will know that I ran a little bit of an experiment. In the past, I've noticed a significant drop in Twitter followers each and every time I posted anything topical in my comic.

On Feb 19th, the comic was about Apple and their battle with the FBI. This resulted in 15 dropped followers. So this past Friday, I decided to write a comic about Microsoft buying Xamarin. And what happened? I managed to actually pick up 17 new followers.


Just when I think I find something you don't like, you turn around and like it anyway? I don't have that many twitter followers (AHEM), these are big swings for me. How am I supposed to interpret this?

One possible interpretation is:

Xamarin comic funny > Apple vs. FBI funny

But that makes little sense. I'm ALWAYS hilarious. Maybe the takeaway should be:

News from the US = unamused global audience.

Half of my readers are from outside the United States, but this issue is pretty global. I am therefore left with only one conclusion:

Doing something I think you'll hate = more popularity

Lesson learned, people, lesson learned.