2016-04-15 - Coping With Reddit Rejection

Coping With Reddit Rejection

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April 15, 2016 - News Post

Happy Friday!

The webcomic King Of Slackers is on a roll this week. Don't Hit Save is making a SECOND appearance in a row. That comic just keeps getting better and better. Here is a link to part one. Go read it. Read it NOW.

As long as I'm barking out orders. You should give my little contact form a try. I think all the issues for Chrome users have been resolved. If you write to me and I don't respond, you'll know I didn't fix it... or that I don't like you. Those are the only two options.

Finally, I would like to take a moment for a very special message for a very special group of people.

Hello reddit moderators.

My name is Jeff, and yes, I write this comic. You can find me frequently posting on r/comics, r/programmerhumor, and once or twice on r/funny.

I post to reddit under the username donthitsave. If I'm linking to my comic, I'll usually use a direct link to this site. But if my server is having trouble handling more than a handful of users, I will occasionally post to imgur under the same donthitsave user name.

In the interest of not having more of my posts removed, I am asking you to please verify my account (or whatever your particular subreddit calls it). I can assure you I am the original author of all Don't Hit Save comics, spending literally dozens of minutes each week bringing fresh technology based humor to the web.

Thank you for your time. You are awesome. Oh, and as long as we're talking, please feel free to reject any posts from competing comics ranked higher than myself... it would really mean a lot to me.