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May 13, 2016 - News Post

Hey, why aren't you reading the webcomic MollyBeans right now?!? Today, there's a very special cameo of a very handsome, very bearded dude in a very red shirt. I've mentioned this comic before. Dan Sacharow writes twice weekly tales of development and engineering through the eyes of Molly Beans. If you're reading DHS, you'd probably like it. Did I mention today has a very special cameo?

And speaking of special things that I should mention: Is that a donate button at the top right of the page? 

Why yes it is, thank you so much for asking about that! I threw up that button about a week ago as an attempt to give you, the readers, a super awesome opportunity to support this comic. Isn't that thoughtful?

Okay, so look... I know it's obnoxious, but hardware isn't cheap, my computer's on its last leg, and I'm finding myself in need of a hosting upgrade to accommodate the recent jump in traffic. My current solution is to take on contract work to cover these expenses, but this is a time vortex that directly impacts how much time I can invest in Don't Hit Save. I'm not looking to completely do away with the contract work, but even reducing that work by a few hours a week would give me significantly more time to devote to the comic, this website, and reaching out to readers. Any little bit helps, even USB cords don't buy themselves.

You are absolutely under no obligation to send me anything, I do this for fun and I won't be stopping anytime soon. But if I intend for this to grow, then I need time, and your donations would help buy me that time.

I figured I would try asking. Worst case scenario, I alienate all my readers and my comic problems go away. Ah, it's good to dream...