2016-07-01 - The Price We Pay

The Price We Pay

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July 1, 2016 - News Post

My phone says it's Friday again.

It's been a busy week so I've lost track of the days. Busy at the day job, busy on contract stuff, busy with home life, and um... comics? I'm dipping into my very small bank of pre-made comics for today.

But hey, I want to talk briefly about comics... No not that kind, not that kind either.... the other one. Comic books. If you're into those, I have some cool videos for you to check out.

There's this guy names Rene Rosa who likes to talk about comics.

Longtime readers will remember Rene as the genius behind the band Evil Adam, half of The Lunatiques, the NSFW podcast Sherman Tanks, and most importantly-- as the songwriter of the theme song for my old comic, Dr. Lobster. Short term readers and non-readers will likely know him as "that guy running a comic book store that had a surprise visit from Benedict Cumberbatch dressed as Doctor Strange."

However you remember him (and you DO remember him) you should check out his latest YouTube videos where he "talks comics", sharing his thoughts reviews of comics in general and specific titles.

Go there. Go there now.

I'm getting back to work.