2016-07-19 - Building The Ultimate Gaming Machine

Building The Ultimate Gaming Machine

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July 19, 2016 - News Post

Wow, you guys sure liked Friday's comic.

DHS wound up on the front page of Reddit AGAIN on Sunday. I always figured the internet would have something better to devote its attention to, but I'm happy that isn't always the case.

So hey, welcome new readers! Just to get you caught up, I'm Jeff, this is my comic about software development, tech, and stuff. At the top of the page, you'll see a donate button that every last one of my existing readers loooooooves. You should definitely click on that. Yup, nothing annoying or desperate about that button. I've definitely had a lot of positive responses to that.

Speaking of responses... I was already behind on my responses to emails, comments, etc. So I apologize if I take even longer to get back to everyone. I greatly appreciate all the positive comments, and get a good laugh at the negative ones. Thanks for being so awesome.

That's about it for today. Some of us have naps to take. See you Friday!