2016-07-22 - Technobabble


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July 22, 2016 - News Post

Growing up, my 3 favorite fictional universes were and still are: Ghostbusters, He-man and the Masters of the Universe, and Star Trek. I can only assume that a new He-Man movie will be coming out next week.

The Next Generation was my Star Trek. I've been re-watching (fun fact, my phone changed "re-watching" into "rematch ingredients" 3 times just now) old episodes as technobabble research for today's comic. I was pretty little when that show was on the air, but many many episodes hold up shockingly well. I highly recommend giving the old episodes a watch. I started with Identity Crisis last week and now I've gone through a whole season.

Busy day today. That's all you get. I have a new Star Trek movie to go watch. See you Tuesday...

Edit on 2016-07-22 - I had a little bet going as to who would "correct" today's comic first: Software Developers or Star Trek fans.

If you're like me, you guessed Star Trek fans. You're also very, very wrong.