2016-07-26 - Do-Over


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July 26, 2016 - News Post

Yes, I really have a shaved head as of this week-- because absolutely everything that happens in the comic happens in real life (although not always in that order).

For those of you who haven't had the good fortune of seeing what I look like, it's roughly the same as the handsome dude in the red shirt in the comic.  I typically like my hair a little long and curly (as it appears in cartoon form). Upon receiving 3 botched haircuts in a row, however, I took the perfectly reasonable and incredibly well thought out action of shaving my head.  

You'll be happy to know that the new look is... not great. But it's still somehow better than an off-center haircut.

Here's some free advice, kids:  When someone tells you that, "Cutting hair is my job, making music is WHO I AM", save yourself some money and skip straight to the part where you shave your own head.

Edit on 2016-07-27:

I want to wish everyone a very happy Dr. Lobster Day! Some of you may remember Dr. Lobster, Gamer Hotties, and Wrench Farm from back when webcomics were wholesome and decent. Exactly 15 years ago today, Michael Buonauro and myself pulled our biggest scam on all our readers. We gained a comic, ended a comic, and revealed that one was never meant to exist. That was a pretty nice day.

If you're good, I might tell you the full story one day... if you're good....