2016-07-29 - Mothers


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July 29, 2016 - News Post

Happy Friday!

This is my second attempt at writing today's news. The first one was all about my day job, but it seemed like such a waste to tell the tale in non-comic form. Look for that soon. It'll be the one comic I do about computers and work.

Did everyone have a happy Dr. Lobster Day? (see my edit on Tuesday's news for a brief explanation).

I celebrated by watching Star Trek Beyond. It was great-- I absolutely loved it. It was the perfect blend of taking things in a completely new direction while somehow incorporating more than ever from the old show. Definitely go see it if you're even remotely interested in Star Trek.

It's been a busy week, but I'll be spending my weekend writing back to you people. Thank you to everyone who's been using the contact form. I've been slowly getting back to everyone after the latest reddit bumps, but I have a long way to. If you haven't heard back from me (and you actually entered your email address), look forward to my response soon. But seriously, thank you.

Okay. No more news for you, you've had enough. Go watch Star Trek and leave me alone.