2016-08-26 - Early Adopters Of VR

Early Adopters Of VR

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August 26, 2016 - News Post

This week has been absolutely insane over in Jefftopia. It's possible that work and outside projects are dominating my schedule, or perhaps I simply bought a package of bendy straws, and can't stop testing them on every liquid in the house. You never know.

In either case, now is the perfect time for me to send you away from my site. Why is now the perfect time? Because it's...

Link time!!!

Here are some of the sites I'm visiting:

Politics - Have you been reading Hoof and Trunk? Yesterday's article is about American Hackers. If you love to hate politics and like to laugh, it's not a bad site for you.

Science - Bad Astronomy by Phil Plait. Freakin' astronomy. Who doesn't love that?

Reviews - If you haven't seen it yet, go watch Molly Bean's YouTube review of Don't Hit Save (a comic you might've heard of). She has other videos, too, but we won't talk about those.

Oh yeah, I also asked you to tell me about your projects... and here we go:

Writing - Stone Path Review & Magazine has some amazing works of written art. Give it a gander.

Gifting - Ribbn is a gift-giving app to help your friends and family get stuff for all occasions. It's a cool way to send people the gift of THEIR choice.

Got a project you're working on? Contact me! If you don't see me talking about your stuff, you have no one to blame but yourself.