2016-09-23 - AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus

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September 23, 2016 - News Post

Today's comic is bad for 3 reasons. Shame on you for reading it.

Reason 1: It's the second comic in a row about advertising. This was unintentional and unavoidable. I had published Tuesday's comic before reading the news about AdBlock Plus. The story actually broke last week, but I only ran across it Tuesday evening. I published today since I certainly couldn't let a hot news item like this linger for another few days. Sorry.

Reason 2: The news outlets that reported on the issue neglected to mention the fact that you can opt out of these new advertisements. Because I'm writing this news at lunchtime, I can tell you that little bit of information came to me after I published the comic. Whoops. Since it was several sources, I'm inclined to believe that AdBlock Plus simply changed their plugin after the backlash and pretended it was there the whole time. That's what I would've done.

On a completely unrelated note, a lot of you have been claiming I changed the forth panel in today's comic to address the fact that you can opt out of the ads. But I can assure you, that text has been there the whole time.

Reason 3: I really wanted to plug something today. I've been working all summer on non-comic projects. One of which is an app called eyebot that was just launched for iPhone and Android. It's an augmented reality app that uses symbols to project ghosts and monsters in the room with you this halloween. Although it's specifically tailored for certain eyebot-ready haunted houses, you can print the symbols at home and try it yourself. I really wanted to discuss the app depth, but would that be an ad? To be safe, I'll avoid mentioning eyebot and how you should buy it, because that would feel like advertising... and we all hate that. Eyebot