2016-10-04 - One Click

One Click

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October 4, 2016 - News Post

Oh man, you want NEWS, too?

You're quite the demanding readers. I'll remember this when you're trying to eat lunch. I guess I'll try to push my own stuff on you, that'll teach you...

So hey, is anyone going to Europa-Park's Halloween Horror Nights in Rust, Germany? If so, you should definitely download my new monster detecting app, Eyebot, for an enhanced experience (available for iPhone and Android).

The app uses bluetooth proximity detection and augmented reality to show interactive 3d and video content (I had to do SOMETHING to keep up my developer street cred).

Not going to Germany? You can still purchase the app and use it with these AR symbols. It's probably not quite the same experience. I'm working on some home uses for the app, but those likely will not be ready by the end of this Halloween season.

If you do get the app, please use the contact form to write to me. The experience is still undergoing changes, so I'd love to hear what you think. Thanks!