2016-10-25 - Lookin' Good

Lookin' Good

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October 25, 2016 - News Post

Did everyone read the bonus comic on Friday?

I can tell from my stats that no, no you did not.

I took at least ten minutes to make not one, but two highly okay comics and many of you readers were too lazy to show up. Even social media was a bust. I wonder what your problem was.

Oh well. In the end, the lesson was learned. Don't ever ever do more than two comics a week again. Got it.

I need to run, so one last thing before I go (while shaking my head in disappointment)... If you didn't read the comic, then you definitely missed the news. In there, I said you should go read Friday's Molly Beans comic. My opinion stands that it's worth the visit. There's some dude in there that I think I recognize.

All right, see you Friday... assuming you bother to show up.