2016-11-01 - Choices


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November 1, 2016 - News Post

Not much time for news today, I will simply post a link to the most amazing, beautiful Halloween costume I have ever witnessed.

I'll write details on this once I find out more.

Edit on 2016-11-03: Yep, I made some changes to this comic last night. I wasn't sure if the last panel was funny before, so I made certain it's not.

Apologies for the ever-so-subtle election reference-- I try to make this site an escape. But I've been traveling all week, watching the news at every airport, restaurant, and secret society meeting I've visited. Sometimes things get stuck in my brain.

Edit on 2016-11-04: I woke up today feeling the original version was better, so I merged the two. I clearly have no idea what I'm doing. Maybe one day I'll do a comic based on the choices I make.