2016-11-04 - Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems

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November 4, 2016 - News Post

It's not every day you discover you have a doppelganger.

I didn't have the details on Tuesday, but reader Nadav Zohar took it upon himself this Halloween to dress as the most handsome character in Don't Hit Save. To complete the costume, he made a comic. The look was good... too good...

Those who know me are aware that the handsome appearance of the handsome main character is based entirely on myself. What I did not know, until Monday, was that my handsome appearance had apparently been based entirely on some other handsome guy named Nadav.

He looks enough like me that his comic fooled several friends and family members. I honestly did a double take as I struggled to remember when I posed for the photos.

Thank you, Nadav. You have changed my life. Your costume was not only hilarious and awesome, but I now know the world is twice as beautiful as I previously believed.