2016-12-16 - Phone Charging

Phone Charging

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December 16, 2016 - News Post

I took today off from work. My "use it or lose it" vacation time runs out in two weeks, and I will NOT be losing a single second.

I had my productive day all planned out: The house was a mess and today's comic needed to be written. I had a great deal of personal projects, holiday shopping, and family obligations to get out of the way. I had so much to do.

Believe me, I took all this into consideration as I slept until 1pm.

The bed was warm and comforting on a cold cold day, so I didn’t bother to get up. I highly recommend you give it a try (although I strongly advise you use your own bed).

So yeah, sleeping in was AWESOME. I'm typically an early riser, with my most productive hours of the day hovering around 4-7am. Grabbing a night of double sleep was a magical and wonderful dream.

And while we’re talking about wonderful dreams, I’ve finally put in a bit of work on revamping this website. It’s been a freakin’ year, I figured it was about time. Thank you to everyone who weighed in on my question from last friday's news. I had asked if you wanted me to add user comments under the comic. With two whole messages from you people, it seems that the unanimous response was, “sure, add a comments form… what’s the worst that could happen?” I may have to reluctantly add one to this site.

That’s it for today, after all this talk of sleeping in, I need a nap. See you Tuesday!