2017-01-27 - Distracting Questions

Distracting Questions

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January 27, 2017 - News Post

Do trapeze artists have elevated health risks?

I don't mean from falling, I mean from hanging upside down.

Do they have an increased blood flow to the brain that causes strokes or heart attacks? Or do they have a boost in tolerance? I was quite disappointed that my 2 minutes of googling at 3am failed to provide an answer to these very pressing questions.

Also, why are they called trapeze artists? Can I call myself a webcomic athlete? If I had to work that hard to be referred to as an artist, I probably would've become a physician. At least then I would be able to tell what hanging upside down does to one's health.

I probably shouldn't try to write coherently at 3am. I sound like a bad 90's stand-up comedian.

It is far too late for me to be awake, but I do want to say congratulations to webcomic athlete Dan Sacharow. His comic, the often-mentioned Molly Beans, made it to 100 comics this week. If you're one of those nerds who like comics about software development, you'll love Molly Beans.