2017-02-07 - Striving For Perfection

Striving For Perfection

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February 7, 2017 - News Post

Well that’s strange... things look different around here.

After 15 months of making excuses, I accidentally put a new site up.

It’s still a work in progress, so don’t be surprised if you see a few adjustments here and there. I have some more sections and features that will be added in the coming weeks and months, but this should be enough to hold you over for now.

Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas and feedback, particularly Josh, Dan, Tobey, Ritchie, Rene, Merlin, Shad, and Nadav. It might not seem like much, but this project has been a nightmare to complete, and those poor people have been analyzing my work-in-progress for weeks. If I had known I’d have to talk to them so much, I definitely would've scaled back my ambitions.

Anyway, it’s 3am Tuesday morning, and I’ve already done more than enough for the day. I don’t need to tell you what to see here. Go exploring on your own. I’m still fine-tuning, but please please let me know if you discover any broken links or typos.