2017-02-14 - Responsibility


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February 14, 2017 - News Post

Happy V-day, everyone!

You’ll be thrilled to know that I am spending my precious Valentine’s Day writing this news instead of bothering to spend time with my wife. “Neglect” is, of course, the greatest gift I could offer her.

This news is being written so late in the day because today’s comic eluded me. This happens when work gets overwhelming (see today’s comic) or when I play too many video games (see today’s comic). An adult would probably have a better handle on that sort of thing, but I’m a lanky hairy man-child. I don’t always know how to manage my time.

In other news, I stomped in a mud puddle at lunchtime. It got all over my pants and shoes, where it remained. This wasn’t on purpose, but it was oddly satisfying. I had more fun than I thought stomping in mud, and I will likely be doing more of that in the future (see my man-child comment in the previous paragraph).