2017-04-14 - NES Classic Edition

NES Classic Edition

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April 14, 2017 - News Post

I would've bought the NES Classic Edition. I would love to chill out and play Dr. Mario.

The American in me cannot understand how a company could choose anything over their profit margin. We here in the states find Nintendo's decision baffling. But I'd imagine there are whole swaths of my audience out there who find our reaction equally confusing. I want to think your way, I want to relax, I truly do. You'll have to teach me one day.

On a related note, today is the third or fourth day this year that I've watched my wife stay home due to a holiday that I fail to have off from work. The same goes for this coming Monday. Why does my job hate me as much as Nintendo? Why is it so hard to find a way relax?

Oh well. Another Friday, another long day of work. At least I'm done with my taxes... is what I hope to be saying after this weekend. Man, I need to relax.

Look forward to be whining about all this again at some point in comic form.