2017-05-02 - The High-Pitched Noise

The High-Pitched Noise

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May 2, 2017 - News Post

In the last few months, it's been rare for my wife and I to be on the same schedule when it comes to "computer time."

She tends to get on her laptop immediately after work, whereas I want to get as far away from my computer as I can when work is over. I'll hop on in the mornings or evenings, but this means that one of us is ready to eat, nap, or hang out precisely when the other person is glued to their screen.

This past weekend, we decided to do something about our schedules. In order to ensure that we spent the proper amount of time in front of our computers, we made a plan:

On Saturday, we ran all the errands we needed to. We went for a walk, watched TV, and took the childproof latches off all our kitchen cabinets (they'd been there since we moved in). We got stuff done, and even spent quality time together-- All so that the next day would be free for what we truly wanted: computer time.

On Sunday, we made our breakfast, prepped our computers, and then watched as a storm rolled into town.

Then we watched as the storm knocked out the power.

Then we watched as the power stayed out.

I'm not going to lie, it was a scary time. We had to talk to one another like they did in the days before the Internet. We went without using our computers until the next morning. When the power did come back, it constantly blinked off and on, just long enough to torment us.

Combine that with the previous day, and all told, we went nearly 36 hours without touching a keyboard.

I tell this cautionary tale for a reason. Learn from our mistake: NEVER make any plans with your spouse to play on your computers at the same time. A big storm will come to town and try to make you talk to one another. Sure, we had a pretty nice day, but you may never recover.

Seize the day! Jump on your computer while you still can.