2017-05-16 - 3D Printing

3D Printing

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May 16, 2017 - News Post

At this exact moment, I am losing badly to my wife in a knockoff game of boggle.

It's her turn, she isn't paying attention to me. So it seemed wise to sneak a moment to write to you, dear reader.

Things are good over here. I'm taking a rare day away from the computer. It's nice to do that every now and then, even if it means playing an app that's strikingly similar to a board game I wouldn't play.

In comic news, I've been thinking a lot about starting a Patreon campaign. Interested in donating? If so, let me know the kinds of rewards someone like you feels you deserve.


Hm... My phone's auto correct kept typing writing "desecrate" instead of "deserve". It knows my typing habits well.

Hold on, I have to go back to playing boggle.


I'm back, but I'm going to stop typing after this. Just so you know, the trick to losing gracefully is making your opponent think you're letting them win. Sadly, it seems my wife is well aware of my tricks. She's demanding that I actual put effort into this game so she can properly crush me.

Sigh... if I'm not too devastated by my losses in boggle, I'll see you Friday.