2017-06-02 - Netflix Neutrality

Netflix Neutrality

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June 2, 2017 - News Post

This whole Netflix story slipped by me this week. I try to do a decent job of scanning tech news each week, but this one didn’t garner much coverage. Thankfully, the hilarious and observant news satirist Rene Rosa was kind enough to point me to an article. It arrived just in time for today’s comic.

In Jeff news, there’s a robin that lives in a nest out back. We’ll call her Larry. Larry popped out a few eggs that started hatching today. I haven’t heard much yet, but I could see a little Robin nugget head. You'd probably want to eat it, but I don't think like that. Instead, my wife and I quarantined the garage/carport area from dogs to help give Larry and the kids some space. I only briefly saw a tiny baby robin, but I can honestly say that was the highlight of my week.

In addition, I caught not one, but TWO fireflies flying around inside the house today. As tempting as it would be for someone like you to squash and/or eat them, I was kind enough to capture them and gently carry them outside. Unlike you, I love fireflies. They only come out for a few weeks a year, and only in certain parts of the country. Along with video games and hummingbirds, they’re one of the few things I can see as an adult that make this world seem like magic. And because they aren’t rude like you, they flashed “thank you” a few times before flying away. You could learn a lesson from them.

Aside from that, it's been a rough week. But I don't feel like complaining. So that’s it. Some of us still have app work to do tonight.

I'll see you Friday… no, wait… today’s Friday. I'll see you Tuesday. Goodbye for now.