2017-06-16 - Chet Tries To Be Sneaky

Chet Tries To Be Sneaky

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June 16, 2017 - News Post

Like all the cool kids these days, I got one of those fidget cubes.

If you’re too lazy to click the link above, I will attempt to describe this little toy. It is a cube about the size of a large marshmallow, with buttons, dials, switches, spinners, and toggles all over its surface. From the comfort of your desk, you can push things, spin things, pull things, or (if you have one) play with this toy.

I’m not ashamed to admit, I freaking love fiddling with this thing. It’s meant for stress relief, but I’ve found that it clicks juuuuust enough to stress out those around you. For some reason, this gives me an infinite amount of joy.

I’m mashing buttons now, in between typing each sentence. Can you hear it?

In comic news, I’ve been slowly making minor changes to this site. Subtle fixes that I’ve been delaying for months. One such change is the addition of news to the rss feed, thank you to Manyata for the suggestion.

I’ve also been updating the Ask Me Anything page for a change. Look for more and more of your questions answered in the coming days. Or better yet, send me a new question or two.

That’s about it for today. Some of us have fidget cubes to fidget with, and this news is standing in the way. Get out of the way!