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July 28, 2017 - News Post

I’m sad to announce that I’m done taking my Intro to Improv comedy class.

No, the group didn’t kick me out due to lack of humor (why does everyone keep assuming that?). I'm done because our 6 weeks of training are over.

This was my first formal comedy class. As I mentioned last month, my main motivation in signing up was to help with my writing. I know it’s a lost cause for me to even attempt to be funnier, but there’s always room for me to be faster.

After six weeks, I’m thrilled to report that the classes helped immensely. I probably cut my writing time by 25%. Ideas have always been abundant and cheap, but learning new tricks to speed up the “fleshing out” process for this comic was incredibly valuable.

In addition, the classes were shockingly fun. I boosted my social skills, I met cool people, and they had the honor of meeting me. I have no idea how far I’m going to run with these classes, but for now, I’m absolutely going to pursue Improv further.

If you find yourself in Nashville, TN, and you’re bored, and you have dollars that you haven’t donated to me, I highly recommend signing up for a class with Nashville Improv. They’re quite great, and Lacie was an outstanding instructor. Whatever you do, though, try not to outshine me onstage… I can learn to write faster, I can learn to be funnier, but I refuse to learn humility.