2017-09-19 - Ahem... Patreon

Ahem... Patreon

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September 19, 2017 - News Post

Hey, look at that! Don't Hit Save turned two yesterday. Where did my life just go?

I'm not sure if you figured out my subtle message in today's comic, but Don't Hit Save has (finally) launched its own Patreon campaign. Patreon, for those who are unfamiliar, is a way for creative artists and people like me to get paid for projects we're already producing. I'll go into more detail on Friday, but this seemed like a decent way for me to grow this comic into something bigger and crazier. This is totally optional, but if you're willing to part with a buck or two a month to help me see that happen, it would be greatly appreciated (and possibly rewarded).

So with that out of the way, I can knock out the dreaded review of year two. I did something like this last year, and it seemed a shame to waste such a good news filler.

Year 2 - My Favorite Comics

These aren't the funniest or the best, they're simply the ones I appreciate the most.

  1. Glad That's Over
    Well, I'm once again picking topless Jeff as my favorite comic. I put a great deal of effort into this one, really spending my time on that body. I think it paid off. I've always been afraid of forgetting that the camera was on (or accidentally dialing my coworkers), and this has happened enough that I should seriously consider getting a cover for my camera.
  2. Profile Photo
    This remains the first and only comic that I scripted via drawing instead of text. I've tried to do similar “visual gags” since then, but always wind up scrapping them.
  3. At Our Busiest
    Nothing profound here. This one was short, sweet, and to the point. I can't help but hear the voices in my head (this is unrelated to the comic… the voices are telling me to stop talking about them)

Least Favorite

Some comics are better than others. I know that, you readers certainly know that. These are the ones that aren't bland, but confusing or inconsistent.

  1. Steamy
    There was something in the first two panels that could've been a great joke, but I wasted this one by making Chet a little too creepy. Getting the comic out on time is always more important than the quality, but still. I could've done better.
  2. Automation
    I received more “I don't get it” comments on this comic than any other I've done so far. It's based on a conversation I actually had. I guess it didn't translate to the comic. If you don't get it, I'm not going to explain it, though. Good luck!


There weren't as many firsts in the second year as there were in the first. I wonder why that is.

  1. Phone Charging
    First comic where Jeff doesn't talk.
  2. Roomba
    First major prop NOT drawn with a marker. The Roomba was drawn digitally with Clip Studio Paint. I'm no stranger to digital art, but I try to stick with the crude handheld tools our ancestors used for this comic. The laptop was what I had available in a pinch. I liked the results. I'll probably do it again.
  3. The Google Memo
    First comic to not show Jeff. That was a tough decision because the comic is based on me, my life, my experiences, and my love of my own face. But it somehow seemed appropriate.

Most Popular

I've noticed that some of these comics catch people attention months after I post them. The list of most popular comics may change as time goes on, but here's how it stands today:

  1. Apple vs. Qualcomm
    Wow, this one dominated the front page of reddit for quite some time. That was just over a week ago, so I'm still getting feedback, views, and tweets. I thought this would be a “filler” comic that no one but me would appreciate, so it was surprised to look at my phone half a day after posting the comic to find it blowing up.
  2. The High-Pitched Noise
    I want to thank my wireless router for inspiring this. I can hear it screeching every time I go into the dining room.
  3. Private Browsing
    This one did well on social media. The Washington Post linked to this as an example of the web erupting “in a mixture of fury and fear”. I'll take it!
  4. Glad That's Over
    What more can I say? You guys know beauty when you see it.

And that's year 2.

I'm feeling hopeful at the start of Year 3. Maybe this will be the year that I figure out what I'm doing.

Now don't go pretending you forgot about my Patreon.