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October 6, 2017 - News Post

It’s been a while since I’ve plugged a new comic, and I’ve been waiting to tell you about this one for quite some time…

Go read “Ow! My knees!” by Rich Owens

Rich is a guy I work with. I sometimes call him a close friend, but I’ll stick with “coworker” for now since I’m putting this in writing. As a coworker, he and I frequently collaborate, and those real-life workplace antics have been known to make it into this comic from time to time.

Now, Rich has a slightly different background and perspective than myself. He is a former NFL Player turned Designer/Developer, and his comic explores all of that. It’s like reading what a superhero goes through when adjusting to “normal” life. I'm quite happy to see it in webcomic form.

He has just over a dozen comics, and readers of Don't Hit Save maaaaay recognize a face (or two) in there.

Please please check it out, follow him on Twitter. And hell, while you’re at it, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever else I have going on.

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