2017-11-14 - Overwhelmed


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November 14, 2017 - News Post

Yay. Dentist time.

I'm waiting to get my teeth brushed. Good clean fun.

I'm not a tremendous fan of having strangers stick their hands in my mouth. At least the people today have an excuse. Let’s hope it’s worth it for all parties.

I’ve been sitting in the chair by myself for a few minutes. They did some x-rays, and now I'm waiting patiently (get it?) for the hygienist to come back and clean my teeth. While I wait, I'm filling time by writing this news and taking pictures of my feet.

Uh oh. I can hear the dental hygienist coming back. I’ll finish this in a bit.


Great. My mouth is cleaned, but I'm apparently grinding my teeth while I sleep. I’ve noticed this once or twice, and now my dentist has noticed as well. I wonder what could cause such a thing?

Oh wait, it's probably from stress over my lack of Patreon supporters.

I’d tell you more about the dentist, but I think the real issue is that whole Patreon thing.

That's right, all but 26 of you are stressing me out. It’s affecting me so much, my smile may be permanent damaged. Do you want that? Of course not. That’s why you should support the comic and my smile here. Do it! Do it now!!!

That took a nasty turn, didn't it?