2017-12-05 - Cracked


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December 5, 2017 - News Post


I woke up today to discover that cracked.com, one of my favorite humor websites, has removed nearly all of its best people. Combine that with It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia leaving Netflix, and it’s a dark week for comedy.

Midday Edit: Today I learned a valuable lesson about the importance of skimming links before posting them (a blog I originally linked to had some opinions I do not wish to endorse). Although I’ve updated the links in the news above, I still haven't found an official statement from Cracked on this whole mess. I assume more info will surface in the next few days.

On a slightly less depressing note, thank you to everyone who entered my little drawing this week. I wasn’t aware I had more than two readers. In case you missed the previous news:

I will choose one reader at random and draw their head in Don’t Hit Save style.

Want that reader to be you? Write me and tell me so.

Your cutoff for entering is 2017-12-08, entries will be accepted until the moment I post Friday’s comic. I’ll probably contact the winner this weekend. If you’re chosen, I’ll draw your head digitally and send it to you in a bunch of different formats.

No, I won’t be using your emails for anything other than contacting the winner.

Good luck!