2018-01-16 - Snow Day

Snow Day

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January 16, 2018 - News Post

It’s a snow day again today.

Despite business closures, I’m expected to work from home. I have little doubt that my coworkers will be Skyping throughout the day, hounding me to get my projects done.

It would be a shame if something were to happen to my router. A real shame…

But before that happens, how about a recap of some of the comics you should be reading? It’s been a while since I’ve last given a list, so here are some comics you should check out (in alphabetical order):

  • King of Slackers by Tobey Svalås – Weirdness, pop culture, and Cthulhu. What more could anyone ask?
  • Life Drawn Out by Danika Landers – Aggravating, awkward, and amusing... the many personal horrors of Danika’s life.
  • Molly Beans by Dan Sacharow – Technical comics for technical people about the life of a tech. Her name is Molly… Molly Beans.
  • Ow! My Knees! by Rich Owens – Life after sports. A retired athlete tries to cope with crap.
  • RGBros by Josh Davenport – You know you’re looking for jokes about movies and games. Why not have those jokes told by a blue dot, a talking dog, and a guy with a Mullet?
  • Suits and Guarders by Ian Johnson – A comic about Lifeguarding… yes, lifeguarding. And I thought writing comics about developing software was hard.

There. That should be enough to hold you over until Friday. I hope you’re happy.

If you’re still bored, feel free to fill time by commenting below some Don’t Hit Save comics. Life doesn’t get any more exciting than that (it’s truly doesn’t-- I checked).