2018-02-09 - Let's Play A Game

Let's Play A Game

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February 9, 2018 - News Post

I know it seems like Mr. Battles invented a new game in today's comic… but I've been playing it for years.

I recommend you play it with your coworkers, friends, and loved ones. The trick to winning is not letting them know that the game exists.

Hey, speaking of games, there are a couple titles that I'm eagerly awaiting in the coming months. I figured I'd mention them here:

  • Escape Doodland is beautiful, whimsical, and hard as hell. I mentioned this one a while back when they were kind enough to send me a demo. It was great then, and it's even better now. You race against a giant monster, jumping hurdles, and (hopefully) escaping doom. I love the gameplay and the sketch-like quality of the 2D artwork. I can't wait for the launch.
  • Chaotic Void is a polished, slick, physics-based survival game. You battle friends in a gravity-free arena, trying to shoot them before they shoot you. It's a party game that's somehow both cute and violent. I imagine their launch date on this game is still a ways away, but you can follow their progress on twitter.

When you have a chance, add these games to your Steam Wishlist.

Also, are you working on something cool? Want me to tell the world about it? Shoot me a message on the contact form. I have been talking about adding a “user projects” section to this site, but I'm finally getting a chance to work on that. Look for it in the coming weeks.

Oh, and speaking of website changes, I added a search engine to the menu at the top of the page. You can now officially search for your favorite comics… well, your favorite Don't Hit Save comics.

That's it for today, except to say these website changes would not be possible without the help of my patrons. Thank you to everyone on Patreon for helping support my comic habits. It's really making a difference.