2018-02-13 - Something's Amiss

Something's Amiss

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February 13, 2018 - News Post

A reddish orange background?

Yup. I don't change the backgrounds often. This makes background #5 as far as I can recall. Pretty special.

So why the change? Well, I'm either taking the time to add an environment I've been thinking about for years... or I'm so creatively bankrupt that I'm forced to add new settings.

(It's probably a little bit of both)

In other news, my knee is doing better, it's sunny outside, and my dog has decided to dig a trench in my backyard.

My dog is a border collie with a mix of, I don't know, hyena? She started this little engineering project about a month ago. She's ten years old, and never been much of a digger before. I can't tell if she's hunting some poor creature or unearthing a pipe, but she's been consistently digging this ditch for a few minutes each day.

It's not very wide, or incredibly deep. My foot would not fit into the trench. Yet it's running across half of the yard.

I try to discourage her. We'll play, run around, etc., but she always finds a couple minutes to dig. I'd admire her commitment if it wasn't so methodical and terrifying.

I've known this dog a long time (most of one of our lives). I don't think she's bored or stressed, which unfortunately means there's only remaining explanation:

She's fortifying the backyard against me.

I havent seen any spikes, walls, or catapults yet... but when it rains, the trench becomes a moat. This is clearly an engineering project on par with the ancient roman army. This dog is not to be messed with. If anything should happen to me before Friday's comic: blame the do--


Oh crap. She's looking at me now. I have to go.

See you Friday. Maybe.