2015-09-18 - The Dev Dilemma

The Dev Dilemma

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September 18, 2015 - News Post

Hi, I'm Jeff. Welcome to my webcomic.

This was supposed to be a dev blog on my website. I had high hopes for sharing clever and unique insights into writing code, creating games, and working in the tech industry. I would tell people about my latest adventures in programming, discuss some innovative technology that barely works, and somehow the internet would become a better place.

That idea lasted right up until I saw what a terrible blogger I am.

Apparently, making things and describing what you made are two very different skillsets. My narrative came out as a jumbled, incoherent mess. So I doodled some pictures, drew a few boxes, and the rants of a crazy person suddenly looked like a medium-tiered webcomic.

And thus, Don't Hit Save was born.

Today's comic, the first comic, is based on a true story. I apologize for the state of the website right now (1995-style html). I wanted to dive in and get a comic up. The website and the twitter account will be improved upon in the near future.

Comics will be out on Tuesday and Friday. If I mess that up this week, you'll never know... it's not like anyone is reading this.

Thanks for stopping by! See you Tuesday.