2015-09-29 - The Dangers of Mixing Leap Motion And Oculus

The Dangers of Mixing Leap Motion And Oculus

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September 29, 2015 - News Post

Tuesday greetings!

Last night I discovered that homemade marinara sauce stops being fresh at some point around two weeks after it's made.

I came to this conclusion by the third mouthful of penne. The first bite told me it was bad, the second one reinforced that fact, the third one was just to show off.

Like marinara sauce, mentioning Unite 2015 in my news post is probably becoming old. But whatever, I'm still excited... my zero readers will just have to suffer through it.

I was very impressed with the latest updates from Leap Motion. To be honest, I stopped following their news about six months ago. This was a mistake.

Their latest demos were significantly more polished and advanced than anything I had seen at unite last year. Of particular note was the fact that not only does the leap motion track 27 points on each hand, it can now use the camera to make live textures. So as you move your hand you can see your actual skin projected onto the 3D hand model. Cool stuff.

So I'm pretty motivated to work with the Leap Motion. If I get around to making a prototype or two, I'll post the links here.

In the meantime, I'm still cranking away on the donthitsave.com website. You may have heard of it. Sorry for the awful html. I'm close to getting a PHP/MySQL version up and running. Again, my focus is on functionality first, followed by aesthetics.

That reminds me, the RSS feed is up and running. Enjoy THAT instead of a nice pretty website design.