2015-12-29 - Empty Office

Empty Office

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December 29, 2015 - News Post

Welcome to my last post of 2015.

Before I say anything else, thank you to reddit users in the Comics subreddit who surprisingly upvoted Friday's comic to the #1 spot this weekend. That was a very nice and thoughtful present.

I'm writing this as I walk the dog. You know you're a grown up when you walk the dog in a reflective vest and don't even think twice about how you look (it's not even nighttime).

As a special end of the year treat, I've decided to give you, the reader, an inside scoop into my news post writing process.

I've finally got a good system down. Comics were typically written in advance as ideas come to me. The news, however, is almost always slapped together at the last second after I've saved the comic. With the exception of my recent move, the news post is always written the day before.

I am happy to report that writing the news has become a lot easier over time. When I first started DHS, I struggled to come up with the content for each day. One of the main reasons why I started this comic is because I'm not very verbose. I can write a quick sentence or two, but paragraphs or pages of text without pictures take me hours. It's only been a little over three months, but the words flow a lot easier.

Since day one, however, I've dictated the news into my phone or typed while walking the dog.

So why do I bring this all up?

Because it has just occurred to me that after three months of writing news posts, somewhere around 90% of the times I've written you, my dear readers, I have been holding a bag of poop in one hand.

I'm not sure what that says about me as a writer, you as a reader, my feelings about the news, or this comic as a whole. I just thought you would want to know. I WANT the world to know.

See you next year.