2016-01-26 - Forgetfulness


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January 26, 2016 - News Post

If you live near the east coast of the US, and if you're like me, you spent the weekend taking advantage of the horrible winter weather.

I'm not a monster, I hope everyone out there is safe and warm, and I know most areas got hit a lot harder than us. I just hadn't seen snow like this in years, and I'm a big fan of winter weather (yes, really).

Schools were closed, businesses shut their doors, it seemed like all the world was playing video games. I truly enjoyed the forced hiatus from the world. The weekend was filled with laziness and movie watching. I did absolutely nothing productive on the computer, and believe me, I loved every second of it.

I built a snowman. A snowman! I even gave him wonderful carrot nose. Our dog, always on the lookout for food, spotted this immediately and knocked the head clean off. She had eaten several bites of the face before looking at me like I was next. If you don't see a comic on Friday, you'll know what happened.

Can't wait until Friday to see the if I do the next webcomic? Then go read King of Slackers. January 21 marked 10 years that Tobbe has been doing his comic. I get gray hairs just thinking about that. I could never love my readers that much.

What's that? You want even more to read? Go visit Dating Don'ts. It's an incredibly insightful and terrifying look into the minds of both sides in a dating situation. There are only 6 comics currently available, but the site is loaded with extra content about what to do, what not to do, and even how to date your spouse.

So yeah, go to those sites. Quit looking at me. I have to run into the road and stomp on gray slushy ice. Stay warm, everyone!