2016-04-29 - Late Fees

Late Fees

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April 29, 2016 - News Post

Friday Friday Friday!

What's that? I haven't mentioned other comics for a while? Okay, here's an incomplete list of some of my favorites (in alphabetical order) :

  • Cool Purgatory by Phlicky
    This strange webcomic sets out to discuss and decides what's cool. Yes, really.

  • King of Slackers by Tobey Svalas
    The mad adventures and observations of some Swedish guy and his friend Cthulhu.

  • Molly Beans by Dan Sacharow
    A comic about a software engineer. As though anyone would want to read that sort of thing.

  • RGBros by Josh Davenport
    Pop culture, great art, and fart jokes. What more could anyone want?

I had more, but that should hold you over for now.

Craziness continues on my end. I wouldn't mind getting away from the computer for a couple days, but I think we all know that won't happen. I'll probably wind up playing around in Unity instead of doing work on the comic. Anything is better than working on the comic.

See you Tuesday!