2016-08-12 - Motivation


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August 12, 2016 - News Post

A fine Friday to you today.

I hope all is well in readerland. I've been sickly, so I decided to re-read my post on Tuesday with all my free time. Man, I had a long rant in Tuesday's news. It was probably a bit obscure for most people out there, and incredibly boring for everyone else.

I've decided to make it up to you by talking about politics!

I found a cool new site for political satire this week: Hoof and Trunk. When they publish lies as news, it's meant to be funny (I hope). It's kinda like a cross between the onion and the daily show. Good stuff.

So yeah, if you're in the US like me, you're no doubt so enamored with the excellence of your representatives, it can be difficult to choose a favorite candidate for the upcoming presidential election. Both of the options we have left truly embody the best and brightest our country has to offer, I'm so very very excited about the future.

I can't wait for-- Okay, You know what? I'm stopping. Reading my hopeful message about elections is not why you're here. I'm sick, I'm sleepy, and so it's been a slow week. I think it's impacting these news posts. I'm probably losing my mind.

On that happy note, I'm calling it a day. I'll see you Tuesday!