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August 23, 2016 - News Post

It's always a challenge to write this news when I'm not at home. Do I talk about what's new with the comic? Or should I comment on my surroundings?

For example, let's say I'm typing this into my phone while at the doctor's office. I could write all about how I'm approaching 100 comics, how my idea for the strip has changed over time, and what I have planned for the future...

Or I could mention that there's a mysterious box on the shelf in front of me.

The comic stuff is exciting. I have a lot of thoughts I'd love to share and get your opinions on. And let's be honest. A box is nice and all, but it's not exactly "news"... I should absolutely talk about the comic.

But did I mention the box is labeled "exam capes"?

No, no, I will focus on the comic. That's what you're here to read, that's why you're even looking at this news.

Come on-- exam capes???

Okay, the exam capes have my attention. What does that even MEAN?!? Is the doctor wearing capes during her exams?

We've all been told that doctors are the superheroes of the real world (along with teachers, firefighters, and Hollywood celebrities). It makes sense that they would start wearing capes, and I fully support the idea.

So why is my doctor selectively wearing a cape? I certainly didn't get to see it. Does she choose which patients get to see the cape? Why didn't she wear one for me? If I'm not cape-worthy, who is? Doesn't she know that a cartoon version of me is internet famous?!? I DEMAND to kno--


It has come to my attention that exam capes are paper shirts that "provide modesty" for (primarily female) patients by covering their fronts while still allowing for complete exams.

There will be no further news for today.