2017-05-09 - Boundaries


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May 9, 2017 - News Post

The older I get, the more I look like a mad scientist.

Like most children, I grew up assuming I'd resemble some sort of wizard in my old age. A mysterious, wise figure that all members of society would revere and respect.

Since actual wisdom and respect from others have eluded me since childhood, I figured I could fake it. Oh, how I tried to look like a wizard. A few years back, I grew out a fancy looking beard, styled my hair in a way to show off my large forehead, and started wearing robes around the house (I think I wanted to be a wizard… it's hard to tell, I may have just been a lazy human who didn't cut his hair very often).

When I realized how gross I looked, I began to dress in real clothes. I trimmed the hair and wore nice, button-up shirts. I was a young adult who looked more and more professorlike by the day. But now that's been a while, and no matter how nice I dress, my underlying craziness is poking through.

It doesn't show up all the time, but my eyebrows arch in weird ways, I'm almost always hunching over some cool project, and I occasionally lapse into “wild eyes” when talking about code or tech. It'll take a few more decades to fully transform. I'm no scientist, and I know a lot of my readers are smarter and more inventive than myself. But like all of society, I'm only concerned with appearances… and I'm getting there.

The weird part? I think I like it. I never expected to become a mad scientist, although I can't see why I didn't. It fits my hobbies, personality, and my love of traveling through time.

Wizards are cool and all, but I'm comfortable knowing that I'm growing into a mad scientist. Very comfortable.

I'd better be.