2017-08-18 - Open Office Plans

Open Office Plans

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August 18, 2017 - News Post

Surprisingly, not all Apple employees are pleased with their new building's open-office floor plan. I can't imagine why.

So are you all set for monday's total solar eclipse?

I’m freakin’ excited. I happen to live in Nashville, TN, USA… a city that, by random coincidence, falls within the extremely narrow band of totality. From our point of view, the sun will pass completely behind the moon for roughly a minute in a half. If the weather cooperates (that’s a big IF), I’ll have something cool to talk about on Tuesday. If not, I can at least fill space in my news post with some fairly whiney complaints.

In other news, I hope all is well with you. This has been a rather rough week on me, even rougher on some of my friends. I am extremely glad that it is almost over. I’m counting the seconds until the weekend.

In fact, I’m going to hasten the start of my weekend by cutting today’s news short. I’m going to end it here…

No here.


Definitely here.